deep#: [quote]Mindstab MEMBERS: Bjorn Bossu - Vocals Brecht Verduyn - Bass Domien Crevits - Drums Francis Borlé - Guitars / Vocals Niek Devos - Guitars BIOGRAPHY: Mindstab was formed in the summer of 96 in Lichtervelde, West-Flanders, Belgium. Many gigs and constructive criticism resulted in a first 5-track self-titled mini-cd (1998) through Polar Bear Records/Rough Trade. Despite the fact that it was a low-budget recording, it set the tone and made it obvious what Mindstab was all about; get rid of your prejudices and leave out all boundaries just listen and feel... The first full-cd emphasized this sensation even stronger with 13 new tracks on the album Borderlined (2000), which was distributed by Creeptown Records/Good Life. The title of the album refers to the borderlined disorder syndrome, and indicates that you cant just simply push this band into a specific style. One of the most important features of this band is the use of extremes, both on the musical and the vocal level. The music incorporates various genres, and by blending all these alternative, rock and metal-styles in a brilliant mix, it puts Mindstab within the new generation of metal bands. Mindstab shared stages with bands like Hard Resistance, Kreator, Deviate, Liar, Callenish Circle, Blind Justice, Congress, Brotherhood Foundation, Channel Zero, Paranoiacs, Major Crime League, Bloodsessions, Length Of Time and Uncle Meat. The growing interest in Mindstab also resulted in them replacing Disturbed at the Earect festival 2001, which also featured Papa Roach, Slipknot, Hed(pe), Static X, Amen, Sepultura, Sick Of It All and Pennywise. NOW: Mindstab recorded and mixed their new album at Midas Studio with Tony De Block. The new album Say anything... contains 13 tracks and is a logical step in the evolution of the band. We try to take it to the next level, every time. The band has found a new and bigger booking-agency in both Belgium and Holland. After the release of the single Black vise (also featuring three unreleased demo-tracks) in February, their contribution with two tracks on the Seamiew Records Sampler 1 and their second full-cd-release in March, the band will play as many gigs as possible in either small clubs as big festivals. First of all the band will show its qualities on the two label showcase-gigs at the Fenix in Sittard (19 January) and at Biebob in Vosselaar (15 February) together with their label-bands Dreadlock Pussy, Gazzoleen and End Of April. We want to reach as many people as possible, try to improve our live-performance, play more abroad, take musical chances, fascinate and challenge the audience, show our ambitions, but always stay true to our initial beliefs. KIND OF MUSIC: As there was a big scene in Mindstabs home-territory that was called the H8000-scene, with a lot of metal/hardcore-bands, everybody also regarded Mindstab as a part of that scene. Later when people found out that they were different, and used a lot of different styles making them quite modern, press and fans started to see the band as a nu- metal-band. We dont use scratchers nor rappers, and there are no hip hop influences, and we definitely do not have the trying to make a quick buck by being trendy and unoriginal attitude, so we are not happy being thrown on the nu-metal-pile. If we were to describe our sound, we would prefer alternative metal, but hey, whats in a name, we even have seen our music been quoted as post-metal. Thats at least better than nu-metal. Mindstab doesnt live in the pastpresent, but is looking towards the future. Mindstab indeed has more to offer than the average nu-metal-band; they sound heavy, but you will also hear elements of industrial, gothic, wave, noise, stoner, electro, hardcore, alternative rock and pop. If you ask Mindstab for their own favourite bands, theyll mention acts like Deftones, Crowbar, Down, Squarepusher, Gary Numan, Foo Fighters, Primus, Beastie Boys, Nine Inch Nails and Aphex Twin. SAY ANYTHING: All Mindstab music is written by guitarist/singer Francis Borlé. He also writes all the lyrics. Like many writers , he doesnt want to explain the exact meanings of his lyrics. They are too personal. I dont want to open up too much. You could say that my lyrics are about self-analysis, tolerance and honesty. For me, making music and writing lyrics is necessary to stay stable in life. Without them, I would have been completely different, maybe I wouldnt have been here at all anymore. Its one big therapy for me. Many lyrics are quite negative, without much perspective for the future nothing to do anymore...-, but instead of hiding in shelter and waiting for the end, Mindstab tries to create something that helps them to entitle their place here on earth. You will not hear simple hate-lyrics, but they do deal with the darker side of the human mind. How negative it all may sound I dont mind the horror that surrounds me, the band always says that everyone has a choice, and you should always utter your own opinion. Say anything, is not just, say something, its a process, an evolution, its a way of living. Everyone should shape their own interpretations, free from prejudices and influences from others. Just make up your own mind, both good or bad, just state your own opinion, say anything. Mindstab exists of five individuals, each having their own ideas and points of view. Therefore we find that the lyrics should be interpreted by whoever takes the time to listen. To make things a bit easier, all of the lyrics will be put on the new website. And as I take the time to try and make the best and interesting music I can, the same goes for the lyrics. You figure it out yourself. It might become your own therapy!.[/quote] nu-metal . "Say Anything", 2003 . Project 86, ! http://www.myspace.com/mindstabsucked

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